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Old Question: HOW TO SAY MY NAME?

Posted by aldlv - December 20th, 2009

People usually ask me how to say my name...

* Well, there are a few ways, but the ORIGINAL one is to Spell It

Like this: A-L-D-L-V

I know it's a little bit difficult, but is the real way i say it... because aldlv is not a word, it is a mixture of letters from my "real name".

because that is difficult (and long)
there are another 2 ways to say it

* You can say "Al" and spell the rest: AL D-L-V

* Or, to make a non-spelled-way, that sounds more like my real name,
you can call me: AL DELAV

Extra info:
AL is an abbreviation for Alejandro... yes, ALEJANDRO is my real name
it is the Spanish of Alexander... but don't dare you call me Alexander, i hate it.
I spell aldlv in English and is Spanish, it doesn't matter (but they really sound different).

And i am still not sure if i should say my last name... i really don't like to give my information on Internet (but well, is NG, and had been around 2 and a half year... maybe i should say it... let me think it).

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Today... Martes 13 de marzo del 2010 (3/16/2010)
I reached 47,000 total stats... nice... =)... i liked the number, not sure why XD





Pick your favourite one. =)

hahaha, yes the First one sounds like the i say it in Spanish...
English, is interesting
and Portuguese version is cool, i like how the 'el' fit very well and make it sounds short

thanx man =D

got it! alvdl :P

lmao ok I will quit the trolling, but I remember that it was quite hard remembering your username. I always forgot which letter was the 3rd and which one was the 4th.

I guess it's just about memory...

yes... quite difficult, my bad
would you guys had prefer a simpler name? like "alejandro" (that's already taken) or like "bjp" (taken too), or like "veloniel" (fuck that is taken also)?

at least "aldelav" isn't taken yet...
EDIT: that makes me worry...

fixed... XD

*turn left* guys, alt...
*turn right* alt, guys...

just because someone could get that name... and i wouldn't like that at all

hi =]

hi... =)

I finally got it today :D

that's so great
really awesome man... =)
now you are part of the history XD

Would you want some hot soup?

thanx, but no