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perfectly done

now the story is taking form, i like that...
was great to know about bitey past, and was a nice idea the use of the voice now, well done...
it was fantastic, great animation, great graphics, great design, was just amazing

nice XD

it's one of the silliest and crappiest flash i had even seen.. and i just couldn't stop laughing... is a master piece, was funny, the movement were nice and funny (good guys dancing with the with clothing was priceless), was a nice idea, nice concept.. was just nice, plz, make another... we all love anime parodies, it doesn't matter if you know use naruto, bleach, pokemon... of if you use rihana (laughing plz), beyonce or that ever... we need more like this one XD... it was epic

m cago de la risa XD

es uno d lo mejores q has hecho....
is one of your best you have done....

the synchronization of the fingers and music was awesome... and was really funny, i liked the lyrics very much XD (especialmente cuando usas "perra", eso es un clásico ahora)... i can't wait for the next haha

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hahaha... i just moved the mouse out of the window... this doesnt work. my recommendation... start all over again, and try to give this some purpose and make it work.

not going to happen, stop reuploading it is really bad, is a terrible game, terrible graphics and silly music.


really a great game, i liked the difficult, was a little bit short, but was nice, the power and everything was a nice idea, maybe a better AI would be nice, but was great to play, really like any other POP game

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very calm, with a slow rhythm, is like a slow movement... not much variations, but doesn't feels plain at all, is relaxing, but not the type of 'relaxing' to make you feel asleep, is the type of 'relaxing' to be comfortable

the piano sounds awesome, it was a great job... and the way it ends is fantastic, but i wish that when it loops it wouldn't sound 'cut' but that's not your fault hehehe... anyway, was amazing


sounds awesome, very epic in my opinion, you really got it.
is the perfect knight-battle-medieval song, it would feat any story that like that
and it was really great with larry

is fantastic

the song is absolutely great
i like the speed and the rhythm, the way the sounds change is nice, it really sound like NG in some way, very energetic, you really got the effect

From 1:46 and on, it feels a little different, but was a nice idea, and then for the ending getting it sounds a little back to the begging, then its loops great, that's fantastic... the song is pretty impressive.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Thanks a lot aldlv!

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absolutely great...
nice painting, nice drawing style... the pose is awesome, everything fits magnific... it's just amazing... and that was a very unique ponytail =)


nice use of colors... they really look godish, haha
and cloth looks fantastic, and he is drawed very well... it is really a fantastic drawing...

one of my favorites ever

I just love the drawing, is one of the best had ever saw on ng...
they look so real, is an awesome work, everything is well painted, the background is nice, i like the sand effect, the explosion looks fantastic
it's just awesome

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